One of the Finest Little Pet Shops in the Chertsey Area

At the Weybridge Pet Centre, we extend a warm and inviting welcome to customers throughout Surrey including our neighbouring town of Chertsey. We are the friendly face of pet shops in your local area, providing a personalised and welcoming service that’s rarely found in the bigger world of nationally operated chain stores. We are an independent and family-run company that believes in putting people and pets before profits.


Visitors from Chertsey have a complete product range to choose from. We stock all types of pet food including 100% meat, low-fat and vegetarian options. Much of our stock range is made up of branded products that you’ll already know or use. The Weybridge Pet Centre can supply pet food for cats, dogs, smaller animals and fish with everything being available under a single and convenient roof.


We are open daily from 9.00am to 5.00pm with the exception of Sundays and Bank Holidays. Our company hires knowledgeable members of staff who will be able to make suitable pet food recommendations for your favourite furry friends. We are also one of the only independent pet shops in and around Chertsey that supplies stimulating playthings for animals including pulling toys, Zebedee mice and much, much more.


We Provide Animal Boarding for Smaller Pets


If you own a smaller pet such as a rabbit or a guinea pig, we can provide clean and hygienic animal boarding while you’re away on holiday or business. The Weybridge Pet Centre is one of the only pet shops in the Chertsey area to offer dedicated animal boarding services of this kind. We ensure that while you’re away, your small pet is always given the appropriate diet and plenty of exercise. Vets are on standby in case your pet falls ill.


If your pet needs a little pampering or just a good old tidy-up, we can provide dog grooming services in-store. We have two experienced groomers who work from out pet centre for four days of the week. This ensures customers in Chertsey have access to a flexible dog grooming service that’s available at convenient times instead of having to take time out of work or their personal lives to visit other service providers.

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