Pet Food and Accessories – We Welcome Customers from Addlestone

The Weybridge Pet Centre provides a friendly and welcoming service for pet owners living in the surrounding Surrey area. Many of our customers come from nearby Addlestone to purchase pet food and accessories from a fully independent company that is still family-owned. We like to think of ourselves as a more traditional alternative to the growing number of nationally operated retail park pet shops.


We are open from 9.00am until 5.00pm from Monday though to Saturday. When it comes to pet food, visitors from Addlestone can choose from 100% meat, vegetarian and low-fat products from all major brand manufacturers. We also have an extensive selection of pet treats to choose from. Our outlet caters for all creatures great and small, from dog and cats to smaller furry friends such as hamsters, rabbits and guinea pigs.


Like all good pet shops, we also supply a fun range of toys and accessories that are guaranteed to keep your pet stimulated. From balls and pulling toys to cat posts and Zebedee mice, our shelves are filled with safe, affordable playthings that keep animals entertained for hours. Customers from Addlestone can also purchase training and comfort products including air-cushioned collars for sensitive pooches.


In-Store Dog Grooming Services


At the Weybridge Pet Centre, we understand how important it is for pet owners in Addlestone to have access to the right services. We provide in-store dog grooming to help keep your pet clean and comfortable at very competitive prices. Because some animals are more receptive to this type of service than others, we always take a little extra time to ensure your own pet is relaxed and comfortable before we start any dog grooming work.


The same levels of care and consideration are applied with our animal boarding services. We provide boarding for smaller animals, ensuring that they are housed in clean, hygienic condition while their families are away. We have many clients in Addlestone who use our animal boarding services because we always provide personal hutches and outdoor runs that contribute to a more motivating and enjoyable experience

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